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This forum is ideally created by Amarprakash for benefiting our esteemed customers to the core. You can post your feedbacks and queries about our completed projects. We have a group of experts who will respond to all our customers' complaints and suggest prompt solutions towards resolving issues or queries if any. This forum is not only meant for posting complaints, you can also enquire about our ongoing projects, cost, locality, amenities available and lots more. We have created this forum in order to strengthen our relationship with our customers with quality service and timely support.

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#1 Re: Amarprakash builders Project reviews » The Royal Castle in Chrompet, Chennai » 2015-08-18 17:50:02

You have made the right choice, Amarprakash Royal Castle reviews say it is a good place for investment and they provide rental assistance. They even do the background verification of the tenants. You can get a very good rental income because of the locality and the amenities.

#2 Re: Amarprakash builders Project reviews » Amarprakash Temple Waves review » 2014-05-29 16:12:18

Last week, I visited my site in Temple Waves where I noticed construction is going quickly. I am cent percent sure of getting my home at Temple Waves on time without any delay and complaints in quality.

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